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The Eitan Berglas School of Economics - ביה"ס על שם איתן ברגלס לכלכלה

The Eitan Berglas School of Economics - ביה"ס על שם איתן ברגלס לכלכלה

ביה"ס לכלכלה ע"ש איתן ברגלס, לשעבר החוג לכלכלה בפקולטה למדעי החברה
ע"ש גרשון גורדון,  באוניברסיטת תל-אביב, נוסד בשנת 1966. בשנת 1992
החליט סנאט האוניברסיטה להרחיב את החוג לבית ספר ולקרוא אותו על שם פרופ'
איתן ברגלס ז"ל.

Event The Annual Lecture in Memory of Eitan Berglas

Professor Berglas, a founder of the Department of Economics at Tel Aviv University in 1966, served the University as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and as Vice Rector. Among his many public activities, he was Director of the Budget in the Ministry of Finance. In 1992, the TAU Senate decided to expand the Department into a School of Economics, to be named after Professor Eitan Berglas, who had passed away.

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Framework The Annual Lecture in Memory of Gideon Fishelson

The guiding principle of Gideon's professional career was the recognition that economics is intended, and capable of helping the individual and of society. His research deals with a variety of applied topics: labor supply and inequality in the distribution of income, demand for oil by industry and by households, adoption of new technology in agriculture, utilization and exploitation of natural resources, and the estimation of environmental damages and the means to diminish them. In these areas, he made pioneering contributions in estimating the economic parameters that are required for the conduct of economic policy...

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Framework The Annual Lecture in Memory of Elisha Pazner

Elisha Pazner's main research efforts were devoted to topics in public finance, public economics, general equilibrium analysis, social choice, incentives and industrial organization. A large share of these works followed a research plan that was only slightly adjusted over the years. He was interested in the welfare evaluation of economic activity. The basic neoclassical premise that an agent's welfare depends only on his own consumption seemed to Elisha too restrictive, and his work about economic equity has helped us to understand how we can research further. Elisha also emphasizes the issue of procedural justice, which had been neglected by most of the profession...

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